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Multimodal Transport

Multimodal Transport (Sea /Air/Truck/Rail)


Multimodal transport is the transportation of goods with at least two different mode of transport. Cargo delivery time and price can be much reduced by utilizing the Sea and Air freight services. At Royale Express International we provide multimodal Service for any kind of freight. Operations of this kind consist of combining two or more means of transport so that the goods arrive at their destination by means of a guaranteed door-to-door service. The goods nevertheless remain inside the same unit or vehicle, generally a container. Multimodal transport offers numerous benefits, but particularly the fact that the cargo requires no handling when changing modes of transport. This makes for a faster, safer logistics operation, not to mention savings on handling costs. It also provides savings on packaging while reducing energy consumption and emissions, meaning that it is also good for the environment.

Multimodal Freight Service (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different means of transport; the carrier is liable (in a legal sense) for the entire carriage, even though it is performed by several different modes of transport (by rail, sea and road, for example). The carrier does not have to possess all the means of transport, and in practice usually does not; the carriage is often performed by sub-carriers (referred to in legal language as "actual carriers"). The carrier responsible for the entire carriage is referred to as a multimodal transport operator, or MTO.

The merits of multimodal transportation
  • Reduces cost of exports
  • Reduces burden of documentation and formalities
  • The faster transit of goods
  • Minimizes time loss at trans-shipment points

If you are looking to transport goods from one destination to another, we are offering cost-effective solutions for you.

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